Gamers coin purpose

We provide the gaming world with a new economy

Gamer´s Coin is the first open world coin to give back your hours spent in gaming.

Why not make a new income, playing your favourite games. We will create tournaments, for each game to create extra excitement.

Our Tournaments will be based on multiple entry levels from the beginner to the experienced Pro. You can set up an account for Free and play Freerolls and build your bankroll.

You can also mine new coins and use them to play your favourite games and increase your bankroll.

Our most exciting formats will be Bounty Hunting, where you will have a price on your head, and all your opponents as well. Knock someone out of the tournament and you will receive Coins so your own bounty will increase.

If you both win top 15% and have multiple knock outs, you can build up your bankroll. If you beat all and are the last man standing you get the top price all the bounties you made plus your own.

eSports is growing with amazing speed everywhere in the world. Gamer´s Coin wish to award all Gamers for their efforts and time spend.

Online gaming is growing fast and it is estimated that 2,6 billion people play online games in 2020. But only a small fraction of a percent makes an income playing. Gamer´s Coin wish to change that economy and increase the adrenaline rush when you are down the last competitors and looking for that crown win.


Setup a tournament between you and your friends and start earning today.


Gaming is the way of making money!


Your wallet holds your income and is enctypted and theft secured.


Take mining back to the gamers let the gamers keep their graphic cards....