GAMER`S GOLD first Clubhouse NFT

We started this project to fund race Gamer’s Coin who holds the product Gamer’s Gold.
We have produced the first ever Clubhouse Session with GamerĀ“s Gold to listen to and hold as a treasure.
It is possible to buy here.

There will be 20 NFTs in this series about Gaming and NFT’s, the series will start with this discussion about how to mint the NFT’s on different platforms. We will talk about NFT’s and how to use them in games, and how artists can become a part of this metaverse. We create this series of Clubhouse meetings with people who are known in this space and have a long history of buying, selling and minting NFT’s.
Not only that, but we produce the series of 20 Clubhouse meetings that we hope will give inspiration on what gaming and NFT’s can and how you can be a part of this metaverse. Furthermore, we create this space for gamers and people who live to play and play to live.

The rules for the series to buy is the first one is priced at 50 Ethereum. Then the next 19 is priced at 40 but for these you will have to buy them in the numbered order, so two is first and number three is only sold if number two is sold, then number four is only sold if number 3 is sold and so forth. The first one has to be bought before someone can buy number two.
There will be tied one million tokens to each NFT from Gamer’s Gold Crowdfunding on to the series of 19 coins after the first version. The first version will have tied 1% equity from Gamer’s Coin main company.